Another ignorant question


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Aug 15, 2016
My parents for yonks have been using a *** email account on their home PC through windows live mail.

I've formatted the PC and instead of having them limited to one local PC to access all their emails … is it possible to access their emails through Telkom's webmail service with their Zimbra Web client?

Is this the same as any other webmail service like gmail and hotmail, etc.? Are their limits or issues with this online service that would make it better to rather just use the local Windows live mail program?


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Aug 11, 2020
Hello, I really would not recommend using Telkom's webmail. I have not had access to my mail for 3 weeks, no reply to my email query, and on visiting a Telkom shop today I am told the server is down. On trying to log into the Customer Service Portal, my account details are not recognised. I wouldn't be surprised if the account has been deleted somehow during a recent major update. Also their spam filters leave a lot to be desired, often times outgoing mail never reaches the addressee and one doesn't get an undelivered notification.