Apple apologizes for FaceTime bug, says fix due next week

Bradley Prior

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Oct 16, 2018
Apple apologizes for FaceTime bug, says fix due next week

Apple Inc. apologized for a bug that let users of its FaceTime video-chat service listen in on people they contacted even before the person accepted or rejected the call.
The iPhone maker said it has fixed the flaw on its servers and will roll out an update to Apple’s iOS operating system next week. [Bloomberg]

Happy Days

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Feb 14, 2017
Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook regularly criticizes internet companies for tracking people’s digital activities for advertising purposes. And yet, Apple takes billions of advertising dollars each year from Google’s search business, which is based on harnessing personal data for advertising.
There's several words that come to mind to describe this: hypocritical, double standards, pot/kettle, etc. It just amazes me that big companies (not just Apple) are so two-faced when it comes to most things. Then again, the USA is leading that particular charge, especially when it comes to 5G and Huawei.

Guess that's the way things gets done nowadays.