Axxess problem


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May 8, 2013
@Captain Axxess you said somebody would contact me, the only response I have received is from Thabisa who gave me an automated response and didn't even take 2 minutes to read the previous response.

This has been going on since the 24/06/2021.

Every single time I get a response to my ticket its some incompetent support.

Why is it so difficult to resolve this?
  • You keep telling me that I have received the upgrade.
  • You ask me to connect my PC directly to the ONT and do a speedtest which I have done multiple times.
  • You say to give it x amount of days which I have done (I have even excluded weekends).
This is by far the worst support I have ever received from an ISP

Clearly there is a problem here and you as the isp a just ignoring it.

Dear valued client,

This is in response to ticket: Octotel line speed Upgrade, created on 2021-06-24 15:41:04

Thank you for contacting axxess, Kindly note you have already received tour upgrade from 15/15 to 35/25 the new upgrades apply from clients on 50/50 upwards.

For the 35/25 lines the changes will be done on the pricing the price will reduce to R690.00.

Thabisa Ngubelanga

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