Best Cloud Servers


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May 21, 2018
Your budget is obviously not that big, so that puts Azure and AWS out. UNLESS you do have budget and don't mind paying. You can always check out their pricing calculators here:

Azure: Pricing Calculator | Microsoft Azure (Make sure the region is South Africa North - JHB)

AWS: AWS Pricing Calculator (their calculator seems WAY more complex)

Don't forget here you need to factor in cloud connectivity and networking (VPCs, firewalls etc). If you have an application you use for your accounting tasks, look at whether or not they have a cloud-based application. Then there is always Microsoft 365.

For cloud VMs, companies like Tarsus have cloud infrastructure. But you need to evaluate costs and support. Support being the BIG one here. No sense in having your VMs offline for days costing you revenue because the provider never backed them up (ALWAYS back them up, not done by default).


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Oct 24, 2005
what is "best" and what is a "cloud server"? what are the requirement?

not sure why AWS/Azure is out because of budget.
you could run an on-demand t2.micro ec2 + rds for about R300/month. obviously, this depends on the needs.

and once you know what you need, you can switch to 1 or 3-year reserved instances and further reduce costs by 40%

there are also options available on AWS like Lightsail which can potentially simplify things a lot for people who are maybe only semi-technical


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Mar 31, 2006
Need to be able to access documents any place anytime

You get an app for it on your phone.
There's a Windows app.
You can login via a browser too.

Free accounts start with 2GB free.
You can upgrade anytime for unlimited space. Contact me if you need some better pricing.