Bitcoin Core Wallet.dat Password ?


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Oct 17, 2011
Hello, i have a problem where i have recently moved 0.1 bitcoin on to a new install of bitcoin core .
I have set the password on the wallet to encrypt and i copied and pasted the password.
I copied and pasted the same info to a textpad.
Now i am not sure if this a serious bug or if perhaps i didnt copy and paste what i thought i did.
I dont know.
I can not send from my wallet because it is asking me for the password.
I am pretty sure i have a good idea on what it is but it might be i have a few letters wrong.
I really would imagine there can not be a bug .... or maybe my password is too long, i dont know.
Can anybody here help me to brute force the password ?
I can narrow down the characters so it should be possible.


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Oct 2, 2016
Seems like you think the password is wrong and have a plan to get it right.
If that fails you can also try this

If you're copy and pasting your password when you entered it it should work though. Check for any trailing spaces.