Bitcoin traders obsessed with the "Halvening"

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Sep 2, 2019
Bitcoin traders obsessed with the "Halvening"

Bitcoin enthusiasts are beginning the new year fixated on something that likely won’t happen until May.

Whether a planned reduction in rewards for mining Bitcoin will boost prices or it’s already factored in is dominating discussions across mediums from Twitter to analyst reports.

In a halvening -- also referred to as halving -- Bitcoin rewards that go to the so-called miners that support the coin’s network drop in half in order to prevent inflation from eroding the purchasing power of the coins.



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May 4, 2012
The Halving brings about more difficulty in the network and always tend to give the Bitcoin demand a boost! Read the Article about Bitcoin Halving am sure you will find it more interesting
The halving only happened twice so can't really attribute cause and effect. First one was significant and happened among increased adoption. Second not so much. Now 90% of Bitcoin has been mined already so the other 10% isn't going to have an effect on demand. People are more rational now and will gradually price things in so those selling are already asking the premium they think it will rise by.

Sometimes I get the idea these special events are always hammered on for more than they're worth by hodlers who've failed at the game and need to recoup their money. Bought at $20k? No problem. Just wait for the halving and tell people it will make the price skyrocket even though it's only our own hype that will do that. It's a recipe for dot com 2.0.

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