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May 24, 2010
South African MVNOs to double market share in 2–3 years

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) will double their mobile services market share within the next 2–3 years, with industry participants expecting around 10–12% of mobile subscribers or more.

This is according to BMIT CEO Christopher Geerdts, who said his views were based on industry-wide consultation for their recently-released 2022 MVNO Report.
Link to report?

Like the actual document?
Second article here I've seen on this subject where Telkom (LTE) receive no mention whatsoever, as a supplier to MVNO's.

For my approx 100 GB use case per month (on month to month, so easy enough switch if something better comes along), Telkom give me better value & faster speeds than MTN, who had a whole lot mentioned about their plans.

Is that to do with superior "partner content" deals between MyBB and MTN ?
Yawn, much ado about nothing. Your typical MVNO customer just wants to get the service at the lowest price, these are low ARPU subs. Very little money to be made here. FNB and the retail guys are pushing it more from a customer loyalty angle than anything else