BrightRock Insurance

Ryan Innes

Senior Member
Nov 30, 2011
Hi All,

I'm not looking for financial advice, I just want to find out if any of you fine people have switched to BrightRock life insurance and what your experience has been like?

Have you had issues when submitting claims? Unusual yearly premium increases etc?

I'm currently with Discovery Life, my issue with them is their annual increase is always a surprise depending on Vitality status, health claims and so on.

FA is advising to swap from Discovery to BrightRock.

Thanks in advance.


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Sep 17, 2013
SANLAM holds 51% of their shares, FWIW.
Moved all my life-, disability- and dread disease insured to them last year.

Much more flexibility and greater cover than the behemoth brands.

Fortunately have not had to claim.
I'll need to check on what the increases was, but it could not have been huge, I would have taken note.