Business Development and Sales Executive


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Jun 28, 2017
Centurion, South Africa MyBroadband
MyBroadband is looking for someone who can help drive the company’s sales and business development. Apart from the desire to work hard, you should be tech-savvy and have good design skills.
If you plan to sell yourself to us with terms like "I am a team player, but can work well individually" or "My greatest weakness is that I care too much”, this is not the right job for you.
When we say you must work hard, we mean it. If you are looking for a "work-life balance" or just an 8-to-5 position, please don't apply. There is huge opportunity for growth here, but you will have to earn it.
This is also not a commission-based sales job. This is a professional position, where you will receive a good salary and additional benefits in return for doing a great job. This is also why you will need a university degree to be considered for the position.
If you are up for this, please apply - we would love to meet you.