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Can you trust https://lottostar.co.za?


Well-Known Member
Oct 1, 2011
Or the is it a scam? I've been ogling playing the Euro lotto after I read an article, while in Europe on holiday, of a guy winning something like 90 million Euros. I Googled it and is seems like online gambling in SA is illegal. I can't find out if it is illegal to play online, international, lottery as well, as you can play the local one online. I suppose that if you win a few million Euros they will have to pay it into your bank account and SARS won't miss such an amount. So, is https://lottostar.co.za a scam or legit?


Senior Member
Apr 10, 2018
It's not a scam, on lottostar you bet on the outcomes of those lottos not directly in them. It's registered in Limpopo somewhere