Caution: Axxess Downgrades


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May 1, 2021
Hey folks,

Just a quick word of caution.

I signed up for the Axxess Just DSL line. Application, installation etc. all went off without a hitch - kudos! I considered upgrading the line for a month to see what it's like (5Mbps-->10Mbps). The 'upgrade service' was confusing, because it had two lines: (1) Telling me I can only downgrade again next month if I choose to upgrade now (in red letters!) and (2) Telling me that I can only downgrade again in September 2021 because I have a promotional product (in grey letters, barely legible).

I contacted support. The person on the other end didn't see the problem. Apparently, I'm the only one confused by this. It's clear as day that only (2) applies, not (1). Aha.

He pointed me to their T&C page which I accepted upon purchase of my product, which apparently states this. The only line even remotely applicable is:

"Downgrades to a smaller package/service/speed from what was originally purchased will not be permitted within 6 months of the activation date."

When I pointed out that my 'original' line was a 5Mbps, so surely this policy is IN AGREEMENT with my demand to be able to downgrade again, I was told that as soon as I upgrade the line, that is deemed the "original. Aha.

At this point, I must admit. I laughed.

For Axxess "Original" and "Flexible" or "Dynamic" are the selfsame word. So buyer (and upgrader) beware. The fella on the other end promised to pass this on to "Axxess decision-makers", but I've had a somewhat similar occurrence before and they did nothing about it.

Right, that's it. No one hurt, and I got a laugh. But I thought I'd share it with any unwary traveller who wants to upgrade from 5Mbps to 40Mbps "for a little while", while it's still in the promotional phase (btw, ALL their products seem to be promotional all the time.) So again, beware.