CellC and Wireless


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Sep 12, 2011
Hi guys,

December 2018 I was fed up with my ADSL which was doing 1mb instead of 10. (went on for years). Could barely facebook, stream anything. Anyway, Cellc was advertising their 200gb package with B618 router. I though now this is what I need. 4 months later, the router keeps on disconnecting, literally every few minutes, or I could restart and it will disconnect as soon as it's rebooted. I'm so near the nuts house now it will only take me one more time to reboot and I'll have to admit myself.

So cellc now tells me, after countless of phone calls and online forms, that LTE is no longer available in my area, I mean did they cut down the tower or what. So I told them but it's unfair towards me, I'm on contract for that deal now what. Apparently an agreement was broken between MTN and CellC and this is where the thing comes in - which I also told them is really not my problem. They still have to deliver the service.

Anyway they gave me two choices and that's it. 1. Cancel my contract 2. move to another LTE package. so either the saw they are loosing money in a big scale or they want customers to move to a smaller contract but for the same price.

So all in all, I am going to try Wireless to the home. As adsl is non existent, and there will be no fiber for millennia to come, My question now is have any of you have experience with Wireless where they put this little dish on your roof? What is your opinion on the speed and latency and streaming and so on? They also told me you are sharing your bandw with your neighbor is they also have wireless, which sucks.