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Aug 2, 2016
Hi Guys...

I am a long time active formite but I am posting these with an alt so others can also use the account if needed from our side and as recommended by the MyBB team.

We are expanding at a very exciting rate here in Capetown and are looking for Cloud Support Engineers to support our customers around the world. We also have positions for Software Development Engineers, I will add listings for these later but if you are interested send me a PM and I can get you started.

I will be posting separate listings for each position so you can get all the info for the area that interests you. I can unfortunately not post salaries as they will vary quite a bit, but let me assure you they are decent and there are many other benefits to working at Amazon.

If these positions interest you have a look at the web link or drop me PM. I will address common question with comments to these listing if needed.




We are seeking talented engineers, skilled in Linux system administration, who are not constrained by how “things are usually done”.

Amazon has a fast-paced environment where we “Work Hard, Have Fun, Make History.” On a typical day, cloud support engineers might deep dive to root cause a customer issue, investigate why a metric is trending the wrong way, consult with the top engineers at Amazon, or discuss radical new approaches to automate operational issues.

You'll be part of a world-class team, in a fast-paced environment that has the entrepreneurial feel of a start-up. This is an opportunity to operate and support systems on a massive scale, and to gain top-notch experience in cloud computing. You'll be surrounded by people who are wickedly smart, passionate about cloud computing, and believe that world class service is critical to customer success. You'll become a master at cloud platform diagnosis, response, measurement, and automation. You will measure your success and it will be visible.

If this interests you, we’d like to talk.


· 5+ years of experience in a relevant technical position
· Demonstrated proficiency in Systems Administration of Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat)
· Excellent oral and written communication skills
· Strong customer focus
· Strong multi-tasking skills


· Bachelor’s degree in Information Science / Information Technology, Computer Science / Engineering or a related field
· Some programming / scripting experience (Bash, Java, Perl, Ruby, Python)
· Experience managing full application stacks from the OS up through custom applications