Connect PA system to SIP PABX


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Feb 3, 2006
Customer is looking for a way to connect his PA system in his factory to his new SIP cloud PABX system, so he can remove the need for higher level staff members to have separate microphones at their desks to address workers in the factory.

Yealink phones on the desks, PoE switch in the rack. Pretty sure the cloud PABX provider can setup a paging extension without hassle. PA system has an amplifier with 4 microphone inputs and 4 horn speakers attached to it.

So far Google has turned up this:

Just wondering if anyone on here has accomplished this and if so what components you used?



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Feb 14, 2014
Ours is setup like that, PA system connected to Cisco router with a E&M VIC card in, (only 2 wires inside network cable is used)

The cable is going into a "line in" port on the back of the 10 year old AMP where all the speakers are connected to.

Setup an extension in CUCM (Cisco Unified Communication Manager) so users dial the extension to use the PA system
(I am more core networking/firewall support where I work so don't dip my fingers in the voice side that much unless it's networking problems messing with voice...)

So you should also be able to do that, but can't comment on how as I have no experience with any other SIP/PABX systems
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