CPA - Consumer Protection Act


ლ(ಠ_ಠ )ლ
Nov 22, 2010
Under the CPA, it is not only individuals that qualify as consumers (and hence qualify to be protected by the legislation) but also small juristic persons; the idea being that small businesses, many of which are really alter egos of a sole proprietor, are equally vulnerable in the market place and equally deserving of protection. Late in 2010 the long awaited announcement was made that juristic persons with asset or annual turnover values below R3 million would qualify as consumers for CPA purposes. This threshold value seems unduly high, and one would expect businesses which generate that kind of turnover to be well resourced and sophisticated enough to protect themselves without the CPA. A threshold of R 1 million and below strikes one as a more reasonable balance between the interests of suppliers and vulnerable consumers.

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