Defy Coffee Machine KM630S


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May 23, 2012
I bought a nice cheap coffee machine for my IT office at makro last december 2018.

what is annoying me is that there is an auto-shut off after 40 minutes and I cannot find a way to keep it on. It seems it is one of those stupid EU regulations (like GDPR) that now coffee machines must auto shutoff after 40 minutes. Blah!

The problem is that I brew a pot of coffee in the morning, I have one cup, then I get into the usual IT stuff, then a meeting and when i'm back to my office, bloody coffee machine is off and the coffee is cold! (I know that many "purist" will say that the coffee after 30 minutes in the pot doesn't taste good, but I don't care, I drink it anyway, even past noon).

Any suggestions? anybody else with a similar problem?