Dial up to dsl change issues


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Jan 11, 2006

Working on a family members computer (Win XP SP2), I recently installed their new adsl line. They were on dial up before hand. I find that the PC doesn't use the dsl connection for more than 10 minute and/or when I close Outlook or a browser. It refuses to connect to the internet after this. A restart fixes it all until the same issues occurs.

The network connection to the router is still up and running. I can use the wireless just fine for hours on my notebook. Under 'Internet Options' I have selected the Automatic detect settings under the LAN settings. The old dial up setup has been deleted and no longer selectable any where.

I have noticed that there seems to be an icon for a shared connection but when clicking on it, it seems to crash. But can't find any option that enables shared connections to be selected.

Any ideas? How can I get the PC to recognise the dsl connection permanently? I haven't used Windows for many years so could be missing a trick.

edit: I can ping google.com but Firefox and Outlook are timing out.

Edit: Tracert to google.com bombs out while the ping still works.

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Sep 15, 2009
Not sure if I am on the wrong track here, but did you did the set-up as dialup/PPPoE account? In other words do they have to manually connect to router or do you use the quick connect set-up in the router software?
If you used the PPPoE dial-up method:
rigy click My Network Places, > properties >right click the ISP connection > Options > Idle time b4 hanging up = Never and put a tick in = redial if line is dropped.

If any ICS must be done or undone, click on the advance tab at the top and select internet sharing options by enabling and selecting adapter or vice versa.

Not sure if you use MS Outlook or Outlook Express, but both is similar:

Open MS Outlook: > Tools > Options > Mail set-up > under dial-up heading, remove tick for "Hang-up when finished with manual Send/Receive"

All these options are obviously directed at a dial-up account, not so sure if they have any effect on a dsl account.

Also, are there pot filters installed for any other equipment that is connected to telephone sockets, ie, telephones, fax,, answering machines, cordless phones, etc? If not, it might be noise that is killing the link?