Do you regularly use a tablet PC?

Do you regularly use a tablet PC?

  • Yes

    Votes: 36 48.0%
  • No

    Votes: 39 52.0%

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Don't have a dedicated tablet anymore, though my current laptop is one of those "convertibles" (360 fold over or whatever you want to call it), I very rarely use it in tablet mode though, only occasionally when using it to read something that works better in portrait mode.
I cannot live without my tablet. It is my mobile work pc as I do lots of inspections. I create documents on it. Emails, messaging, social media, news, games, movies, music, internet banking, video calling, calendar scheduling, meeting minutes, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7' handles anything like a dream. Periphrals like bluetooth keyboard and mouse intergrates seamlessly. I even connect flash drives with an OTG cable. So my tablet is waaaaaayyy more important to me than my smart phone.


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Nope... It's a nice tablet and it's pleasurable to use, especially for longer articles and such. Just don't use it much, thus it's basically unlikely to be charged and when I turn it on it will go mad with notifications and app updates etc. Pretty much only use it when flying, load it up with series/movies and take some in-ear wireless earphones with.


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I like the small size. So handy to put it in a gadget bag and have a computer that can run Windows apps. Mine can take a SIM card. So no need to mess with WiFi. The big down side for me is the small size of the flash disk.
iPad used for banhammering while away from PC.

iPad used by wife for browsing and when out and about.

Samsung tablet used by wife for streaming to main TV in house.

Nexus 7 used by myself to stream sport to bedroom TV, which pisses off the wife.
I use an old Samsung Galaxy Note Pro. I used to have everything installed on my phone also installed on my tablet. That is a pain with notifications and duplication. Now I have minimal installed on tablet with different accounts. I use iPhone and Note Pro. Best of both worlds! iPhone for best music experience and the big 12 inch Note Pro for everyday newspaper and magazine reading, browsing the internet for longer than just 5 minutes, nice to watch TV or movies when the power is off. I also remote desktop to one of my work pcs with it and can then do everything work wise, but using laptop is actually easier in this regard. Tablet nice for taking notes at courses. Seeing that I have iPhone, I use Android tablet occasionally to get GSM, 3G, LTE cell info, measure wifi carriers and torrent downloads Cannot wait for the next 12 inch android tablet to come out. Seems every Android tablet is smaller nowadays.
I've given my iPads to my kids since they need them for school. I do have a Kindle fire HD but one of the kids uses it when their iPad is charging.
Every day of my life: For news and all my social media interactions. Its mobility (iPad) is unsurpassed, with the exception of my Apple iPhone, but with much more screen and easier navigation on account of screen size.

I can only agree. Apple integration is extremely convenient.
If you actually got it for free you would be open to trying it more and then I bet you'll either drop the phone or laptop or both in preference.

Especially if you have an iPhone as all things sync across them and the phone becomes even less necessary.