Does a solar installation invrease the value of a property


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Apr 30, 2010
^^This is one of my main concerns with the whole Smart Home concept. If my house were to get new tenants today, they'll need to setup a router with my current Wifi credentials to access the various Sonoffs, the Victron controller, the smart cameras... Smart Device Handover will need to be a well considered phase of selling my house.
I need to sell my house in the not too distant future and for the reason you mentioned I'm going to remove all my smart and IoT devices. I'm not going to be on call for some idiot who bought my house to explain to them how to do this or that.

I'd much rather remove everything and install it at my new house. Besides. I would need to buy everything again for the new house anyway so I might as well save some cash and reuse my current install.


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Mar 20, 2016
No idea, he was a pf member that I helped with CoCT registration, somehow I have lost his contact info