DStv EasyView vs Openview - channels and prices compared

Hanno Labuschagne

Staff member
Sep 2, 2019
DStv EasyView vs Openview - channels and prices compared

Openview, the subscription-free satellite TV service from E-tv owner eMedia Investments, recently announced it would add SABC Sport and several SABC radio stations to its platform.

The deal also included two unconfirmed SABC entertainment channels, which will be announced and added to Openview at a later date.

While Openview does not have a monthly subscription fee, it is in many respects a direct competitor to DStv's EasyView product, which sells for R29 per month.
Thought Openview had a religious channel?
The ETV channels are great for some mindless movies. Watched it when I was on holiday in Komani. Not bad at all.
I have a dish just to get Clear reception LOL and a few Free channels I will never watch and i have ever watched and dont watch

With DSTV - certain times of the year you get free Bouquet and some sports channels for free and also has Religions channels