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Nov 22, 2010
DStv ("Digital Satellite Television") is MultiChoice's multi-channel digital satellite TV service in Africa, launched in 1995. It operates from two satellites over Africa, broadcasting on Ku band via Eutelsat W7 and Intelsat 7 , which only requires a small satellite dish. Subscribers in South Africa also receive the South African Broadcasting Corporation's three terrestrial channels, SABC 1, 2 and 3 and the privately owned free-to-air terrestrial channel e.tv. These are not available to subscribers elsewhere, for rights reasons, although until August 1, 2008, they could receive the SABC Africa channel, until it was dropped by DStv due to poor performance.

Other countries are also able to receive their terrestrial channels, including Namibia's NBC, Uganda's UBC and Mozambique's TVM. For rights, reasons these terrestrial channels are not available to subscribers outside their respective countries.

In 2005 DStv introduced its own Personal Video Recorder (PVR). On 24 July 2008 they introduced the High Definition Personal Video Recorder (HD PVR) which allows the subscriber to record DStv's content. This functionality is similar to that found on set-top Digital Video Recorder units in other countries, such as Britain's Sky+ PVR. However, neither of these systems allow viewers to download or archive the recorded content. On 22 July 2011 they introduced a service called DStv Box Office, where you can rent a selection of 15 new movie titles from your PVR decoder.

Source: Wikipedia