Dual SIM LTE options?


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Feb 19, 2013

Needing some assistance, advice and input.

I took a 100GB fixed LTE package with Cell C and am using the SIM in the Huawei B315 LTE that I got with it. All good and my speeds have been great even after the MTN roaming deal ended.

My problem is 100GB is not enough but 200GB would be overkill (and hence a financial waste) so I was considering using RAIN off peak data as a top up.

My question is what would be the MOST COST effective and LEAST ANNOYING way (ie not having ti change the SIM cards twice a day) to do this?

I have googled dual SIM routers, the use of a second router and other options but am sure there must be someone out there who is doing this and has a great solution to share. Again, cost is a factor as I could just do the 200GB if it weren't :)

Thanks in advance.


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Mar 12, 2008
Yeah, thanks, I saw a few online but, while probably the most convenient, at over R2k I'm not sure that is the most cost effective method. I was hoping I could use a cheap Mifi or something...

you could but swapping SIMS, or stay on the RAIN sim during off peak time ,11 PM till 6PM the next day,

uncapped completely for a long period. best deal out there for the moment.