Ellipsis Regulatory Solutions


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Nov 22, 2010
Ellipsis Regulatory Solutions (“Ellipsis”) was formed in 2007 as a provider of specialised legal advice and services to the electronic communications (telecommunications) industry. Industry experience, ongoing involvement in regulatory processes and personal service with an enduring sense of humour are the key elements of the Ellipsis offering.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Ellipsis is able to call on a network of IT, engineering and legal professionals with experience in communications.

Dominic Cull specialises in regulatory issues in the electronic communications industry, acting as the regulatory advisor to, inter alia, the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) and the Wireless Access Providers Association (WAPA). He is also a long-standing independent adjudicator for the Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association (WASPA) with an advanced understanding of legal issues relevant to the WASP and mobile content industry.

Dominic has extensive experience in dealing with ICASA, the Department of Communications (DoC), the Universal Service and Access Agency of South Africa (USAASA) and the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Communications (PPCC) and the development and enforcement of the regulatory framework under the electronic communications act.

Sumaiyah (Sam) Makda is an attorney with corporate experience who has, since joining Ellipsis, come to realise that the practise of law can be very far from dull. Sam handles applications and registrations submitted to ICASA as well as contract management and drafting.

Pat Schultz is the Ellipsis office manager, directly responsible for keeping the legal professionals on the straight and narrow. She also raises pigeons.

Dave Gale (Consultant)
Dave is the nice guy @ ellipsis, i.e. he is not a lawyer. He brings serious, high-profile SA industry experience & an engineer’s perspective to the team. Dave can add immense value to those trying to find their way in what is a very confusing and cut-throat industry.

In his own words:
  • strategy, both corporate and product strategy: I excel at growing sound strategic planning processes and integrating these into all functions of an organisation
  • product development and management: deciding what products to introduce, developing and introducing them into the company and the market is complex; managing them thereafter to ensure they are profitable even more so. I can offer insight and value at any stage.
  • regulatory affairs: while I’m not a lawyer, having owned regulatory affairs for an ICT company, and worked within the rapidly changing South African ICT environment, I’m able to provide informed opinions from a business perspective rather than a purely legal one.
  • customer and supplier contracts: managing risk while avoiding copious red tape is the holy grail of anyone managing contracts; I’ve briefed lawyers and advised and revised more contracts than I care to recall
  • public relations: PR can have the most constructive or destructive impact on your corporate image; building relationships with the media positioning your company in the market that supports your corporate strategy is hard work, but can pay huge dividends; ask any Storm investor. I’ve worked with the best and can help you steer a true course.
  • project management: balancing budget, deadlines and quality takes not only attention to detail, but a clear vision of business imperatives. Not an enviable job, but one that can make or break a complex initiative.