Fermented foods

Apr 5, 2018
I've used that crock very successfully several times for sauerkraut, sometimes with caraway, sometimes with a bit of grated carrot and once with garlic but that was a bit potent :)

Kimchi was a mission because I followed a recipe and even bought a bag of some special Korean spice from the Chinese supermarket in Rivonia. Also bought daikon radish and chinese cabbage from them. My goodness that kimchi was revolting :sick: I believe I threw it away.

Before I bought the crock I used a jar with airlock like you described. I made it in a clear jar wrapped with tin foil to keep the light out. It was from lady in pretoria but after a few times the lid rusted and that was when I was stuck for buying grommets etc.

Have you hear anything about fermenting in the dark?

Kefir just goes on and on, if you'd call that a ferment.

Oh, and for a while I baked sourdough bread. Initially I struggled with the started and eventually a myBB member gave me some. After a while I managed to get a starter going but to be honest I actually prefer artisan bread where the dough is mixed and left in the fridge overnight.

Scored an Emily Henry on sale but there are various ways of baking with steam and a HUGE problem is electricity cost.

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Many years ago I fermented beer and wine in a dark cupboard, without problems. One batch of beer should have been called barley wine, as I used an original gravity of around 150. It blew my father in law's head off.