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Mar 18, 2013
Good Morning y'all!
I have a few question regarding Fixed LTE and also would like some advice if you don't mind.

I was on Telkom VDSL 20 for the last 3 years, suddenly this year something went horribly wrong with my line, so the techies came out, said the over-heading cable from my house to around the block has a short somewhere, and they do not plan to fix it anytime soon. As a result, I now sync at a ridiculously 6 Mbps and do some heavy I.T lifting from home and cannot for the life of me keep sane.

So I thought, maybe I should go the fixed LTE route while they busy laying fibre in our area.
Now I want to avoid the contract route, and rather buy everything upfront, ONLY Cell-C has LTE-Advanced coverage in my area so far, but I see MTN getting 86Mbps on my phones' LTE.

My typical setup I require will be this:

•WIFI goodies in the home should connect.
•2 Pc's should connect via lan.
•Want to be able to place a fixed antenna outside when signal gets choppy
•Want to also place a repeater in the outbuilding to the Lapa for chromecast monitor.

So my question, which modem/router do you recommend for typical setup as above.
At the moment I have a Billion 8800NXL VDSL/WAN/ADSL2+ modem with 3g/LTE failover, will this modem be capable of fixed LTE or should I buy another one for LTE-Advanced only?

Thanks, I look forward to your assistance!

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