Garmin GPS hacking


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Mar 24, 2004
This is probably where this should go, talking about GPS systems.

I would like to know from all the experienced users out there if there is a way to get more out of your Garmin GPS (200W).

Someone recently gave me their old 200W and when I went to see what a new map set would be I was very disappointed, around R850-00. Just a few rand more and I can get myself a new GPS with lifetime map support, so that is a no go. I will not pirate, so that leaves me with only one other option.

Is there a community out there who have taken to hacking Garmin GPS devices? Do anyone know of such projects or have done so themselves? I'm about to hit Google on this but it would be much appreciated if someone could point me to a reputable site or community.

Ivan Leon

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May 27, 2008

Try registering on the website and see what the Garmap 2012.3 Mapset upgrade will cost you - I paid R 350-00 for my latest upgrade in July to my Nuvi 205, and any further version updates are free for the duration of that mapset's validity.

Also use this website - Hazard Data Web Page.htm - to get FREE monthly Speed Camera & Traffic Alerts installed onto your Garmin GPS - use the WAVE CAPABLE version for the Nuvi 200 series.

(Read the PDF files and install the software onto your PC as indicated in the ADDITIONAL DOWNLOADS drop-down menu for FULL functionality - INCLUDING additional voice prompt alerts!)

Also install the Garmin WebUpdater to see if your unit requires any firmware / software updates as well:

PC Version:

Mac Version:
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