Get your Banting diet going, online

R3k for something that you can find online for free, or lots less than R3k?

So Tim, but nope.. you won't get R3k out of me.
And for those preparing to shell out the R3000, read this first:

Regardless of the merit (or lack thereof) of gunning after Noakes, you can do the banting thing, and find evidence for such without knowing anything about Noakes or what he has to say.

For every blogger/journalist/scientist who has a hard-on for him, you can pull out papers and scientists who support his view.

It's a stupid fight, which really distracts from the issue at hand.
I wouldn't pay the money, as the diet is easy enough to stick to without really thinking about it, but provided it runs smoothly and is an edifying experience, it's not such a huge amount, all things considered, is it?