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Guess that car


Expert Member
Jan 2, 2009
They only built cars when they weren't allowed to build planes...so after the war. I don't think they built anything I know of that was close to this nice though. edit:Messerschmidtt that is..

No, these people are in fact still in the aero business building aero planes................:eek:


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Jan 2, 2009
You sound like my mother-in-law when she met me..:p...but you need some a that....'cos F.O.K.K.E.R that aint right either.........

...No, these people are in fact still in the aero business building aero planes................:eek:
..........hint hint....c'mon must I spell it out .............:p


Honorary Master
Apr 24, 2009
OK...could it possibly be an Aero 50? :p

(Data for limousine)
Years of production: 1936-1941
Overall production: 1205 units
Body types: 2-door limousine, cabriolet, roadster, various.
This is front wheel drive car.
Engine: 48hp(roadster - 50hp)/3500rpm, 4-cyl, 2-stroke, 1997cc
Bore/Stroke: 85/88 mm
Compression ratio: 6,2 : 1
54k photo of 1939 Aero-50 Sodomka 4-door Limousine14k photo of 1941 Aero-50 Sodomka 4-door LimousineLength: 4,31m (roadster), 4,66 m (limouzine & 4-seater cabrio);
width: 1,50...1,51 m; height: 1,60...1,68 m
Wheelbase: 2,70 m (2-seater); 2,94 m (4-seater)
Front wheel track: 1180 mm
Rear track: 1240 mm
Carburettor(s): Solex 30 USHD,
two on roadster model, one - the rest body styles
Gearbox: 3 speeds + rear (with synchronized II and III since 1939)
13k photo of 1938 Aero-50 Roadster104k image of 1938 Aero-50 2-seater roadsterElectrics: 6V Scintilla, dynamo-battery ignition
Dynamo: 6V, 130 W
Hydraulical brakes ATE Lockheed
(early models, before 1938, had mechanical brakes)
Weight: 950 kg (limousine) - 980 kg (2-seater roadster) -
1100 kg (Sodomka cabriolet A) -1250 kg (Sodomka cabriolet B)
Maximal speed: 125-130 km/h
91k image of 1938 Aero-50 Sodomka Cabriolet A87k image of 1938 Aero-50 Sodomka Cabriolet BTyres: 5,25-16 inches (? and 5,75-16 ?)
Fuel tank capacity: ? L
Fuel consumption: 10,5 - 15 L/100km, depending on speed and
driving style
Roadster: 37.500 Czech crowns
66k photo of 1938 Aero-50 2-seater roadster17k image of Aero-50 Sodomka Cabriolet ACabrio 4-seater: 38.600 Czech crowns
Limousine: 39.800 Czech crowns
Sodomka Cabriolet: 45.900 Czech crowns
1937: increased brake drums and reinforced rear axis - new clutch, 12 screws instead of earlier 8



Expert Member
Jul 22, 2007
You go for it.

100% correct, 1956 Berkeley SA322 Sports.

The first Berkeley cars used a 322cc British Anzani motorcycle engine fitted with a Siba Dynastart to provide both battery charging and electric starting. The Anzani engine was already used by various small motorcycle manufacturers such as Cotton and Greeves. It was a very clever little two stroke engine which incorporated an inlet valve mechanism in the centre of the crankshaft.
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