Have you ever used Airbnb?


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Oct 19, 2004
So you actually don't have your own place that you stay in?

Since you have experience with this, are you able to estimate the daily rate you can get on a 25m2 studio apartment + 1 bay in the Bree area, City Bowl, Cape Town? Assume top finishes (granite tops, basic home automation) in a brand new building. Minimal views of the mountain.

I have had a look at the listings but its very difficult to compare as most of the places are older..
Nope, we don't have our own place. We travel entirely on our SA passport too.

Airbnb is super tricky, the reason the places look older is because you are not searching 6 months into the future. The best stuff is gone 6-9 months before you travel.

Cape Town is also a SUPER difficult market, prices for CPT on Airbnb are more than most European cities. Discounts for long term in South Africa in general are tiny, vs 40-60% overseas. It's actually so frustrating when I book for SA. I feel like I'm getting robbed to put myself at risk of getting robbed.

And for that in Capetown on airbnb is somewhere around 18-25k. You probably wouldn't even get internet in half of them.


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Nov 30, 2009
my wife used it to get accommodation in the UK recently. Stayed there for just under a week and was very happy. As for locally, nope not yet.