Helkom. I need to vent!


Dec 9, 2015
So after many years of plodding along at 3.7mbps I have finally upgraded to 10mbps ADSL although it only achieves 8.7mbps.
Now why ADSL? Well despite their map stating that I fall under VDSL coverage that is not actually true as ADSL is all there is. Fibre and LTE are coming soon but they have said that for years. I am out of range of Mweb etc as well and only get one bar of 3G on my phone.
So anyway I upgraded and after about 4 hours of use my connection goes dead and is still dead seven days later.
They tell me that over 20000 users that upgraded or signed up for new accounts had their internal PIN's deleted and this started three weeks earlier and is still not resolved.
I would love to be rid of Helkom but sadly when I look at this everyone's coverage maps I am right in the middle of where their cover ends.
Wish I had known it would be like this in the future but when I bought my house we were still on dial up and where you lived didn't matter because it was **** for everyone.