Help Please! Unlimited Google Drive + Linux + PlexDrive


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Jul 31, 2009
Hi guys,

Using the lockdown time to learn linux and move my distros' to Linux rather than Windows. Build a couple of Ubuntu boxes over the last 2 weeks and settled on Swizzin to run my local seedbox. I now need help creating a rClone mount for use with Plex and with the unlimited storage of Google.

Has anyone done this before and has some help for me? Would prefer not to reinstall my media box another 3 times while I learn the proper steps so any help would be assisted :)

@cavedog @jsheed_sa if you possibly know, I would really appreciate it


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Mar 18, 2020
You've got everything going in the right direction, just make sure to read up on the manual page for mounting after you've created your config for GDrive and it'll be a cinch, I'm currently doing so for a regular account so I'm not 100% sure if a Team Drive (assuming, since you didn't mention which kind you use) will work the exact same way but it doesn't seem any different apart from an extra step in the config, then it's just giving plex / emby permissions in the wheel to read from that fuse mountpoint and you're golden.


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Oct 19, 2007
I used windows to mount it so maybe someone can help but a good place to start reading would be on the subreddit data hoarders. They usually know their stuff and I'm assuming it would be similar to doing it on a seedbox and your server.