Help self installing explora 1 & 3A


Expert Member
Oct 24, 2012

Looking for some help setting up an explora 1 and explora 3A as an xtra view. I've so far installed the 501 smart LNB and have the explora 1 (primary) working, stats look good and picture is fine. The Smart LNB has 1 universal output and 3 unicable outputs, which outputs should I be using to hook up these 2 exploras? currently I plugged one cable into the universal and another into one of the unicable outputs, should I change this? I've not got the secondary to work yet, having a heartbeat issue I think.

Also I've done these steps below already.
Explora 1 - primary, using 0,1,2 and 1210, 1420, 1680
Explora 3A - secondary, using 3,4,5 and 2040, 1006, 1057

Previously it was setup as an explora 1 and a hd pvr using the 5-1 switch as well as a splitter to 3 bedrooms.

I still want to split the 2 exploras to these 3 rooms, how should this next step be done?
Any simple diagrams or explanation would be much appreciated.