Hockey stick - Gryphon Taboo pro shape


Executive Member
Jul 20, 2008
Item wanted (be very descriptive): Looking for a 37.5 inch pro shape Gryphon Taboo (has its curve peak at 250mm up from the head), ideally a striker or original model, I find the blue steel ones feel too stiff.
Is packaging essential?: No
Desired age and condition: As long as it's not cracked or broken, I really just want to see if the pro shape works well for me before a new one. So far I've only had random hits with teammate's sticks and would like to try with a 2nd hand one before buying a new one.
Location: Cape Town
Willing to accept a shipped item: I don't think that there's an economical way to ship a hockey stick, let me know if you know one though.

This is what the current Taboo striker pro looks like, I'm looking for an older one though: