Hosting Web based application on Domain Server


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Feb 2, 2010
We have developed system which is web based, currently when I run it, I type http://localhost/folder location

We have been allocated a virtual server to host solution, what I would like to know is how do I make it to run on browser like it was being hosted with Afrihost? I dont want users to put in just application name and link must open.

Very broad question I know, but I have never hosted on domain sever always use hosting companies.

Also application will only be available when logged on to that domain.



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May 10, 2005
I think what you are talking about is setting up DNS short names. It is a messy area as far as I know, so make sure you get an expert to set it up, if you really need it.

In terms of it only working when you are on the company network, if I understand you correctly, you can maybe have it set up as split horizon DNS. But again, get an expert involved. My knowledge is limited.


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Oct 11, 2013
It's very easy to do.
Check your DNS suffix list - you can do an ipconfig /all from command prompt - Look for "DNS Suffix Search List" - typically this will include the domain DNS e.g. ""
You can create a DNS C-Name in any of these containers and you will be able to resolve as a short name in the browser. E.g. Suffix "" - you can create "" and then in the browser, you can just access "myapp". The OS will do the rest and try the default suffixes.
In Active Directory DNS, you will need to create a new C-Name record in the container identified from the suffix list and bind it to the A record of the server.
Once this is done, you can try ping the C-Name and verify it is resolving to the underlying server.

As an additional note, you can also configure IIS to look for this specific name in the host name of the bindings. Doing this will allow you to have multiple applications running on the same port on the same server.
So if you add App2, App3, etc, you can access them all as http://myapp, http://app2, http://app3.

From an authentication perspective, you just need to set the authentication in IIS to WIndows only (disable Anonymous) - that will ensure only domain users can access the application.