How much data does an Amazon Echo use?


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Jul 13, 2007
Apart from the obvious things like the data used by Spotify streaming via an Echo approximately how much data does the base service to listen and respond to voice commands on an Echo typically use say per day/month?

And how much data per minute would things like Alexa Skills that create background sounds use, like "Wild Jungle", "Ocean beach", "Sweet Dreams"etc, are those sound skills a loop that's downloaded once when activated, once per session or always streamed realtime?

I use mobile data so I'm not keen for a surprise flattening of my data, looking around google I have seen a few mentions of Echo's going into stupid mode and using huge enormous amounts of data.


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May 17, 2018
Don't have the echo but made a google home device.
If I run tcptrack or glances on it(I can as it is an OPI), they show minimal traffic (B/s to perhaps a few KB/s spike) while asking it things and turning stuff on and off. But some of the traffic is obviously only on my own network and not going to the internet.

Perhaps try a sim with only R5 or R10 on and see how long it lasts? Or if your router can, disconnect everything else and watch it's counter?

But I doubt it uses much.

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Nov 10, 2011
Probably very little since I doubt your voice commands are transferred to HQ in HD audio format and neither is the responses.
The stuff that uses a lot of data is the permanent live stream send to the NSA, but that is zero-rated in most countries, so no worries.