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How to unlock Huawei 3G modems


A MyBroadband
Super Moderator
Jun 22, 2007
That only applied to a limited set of E620 that were inadvertently locked. All devices sold in SA should be unlocked. While the device will work the dash might not, so you need a generic dash or something like MDMA.


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May 23, 2006
Python is available for Linux and Windows systems.

As a simple explanation Python could be considered as a close relative of Java.

There are dozens of ready compiled Windows applications to calculate codes for most Huawei modems excluding the E220, E/B960, E/B970 and E58xx as these all need to be unlocked by cable. Plus there is no free software to be had with the exception to a risky do-it-yourself routine for the E220 that I've been told can kill a modem if you don't follow the instructions 101% correctly!!

Here is just one: http://rapidshare.com/files/415240867/SBC.rar

The above provides Huawei modem Unlocking Codes and Flash codes. Plus some ZTE phone unlock codes. You'll need WinRAR to decompress the downloaded file.

The unlock code should be obvious, place a SIM that is not normally accepted (simply popping a Vodacom SIM into a 3UK modem for example) you should be asked to enter the calculated code. Some operators around the world have their dashboards doctored to ignore asking for the unlock code in which case you can download a PC installed version of Huawei's Mobile Partner here: http://www.dc-unlocker.com/downloads/Huawei/Not_customised_managers These will work with any Huawei modem - Remember to shut down any other dashboard software first!!

The flash code is used to upgrade a proprietary dashboard with a unbranded or alternative dashboard. For example you have a T-Mobile E160 and you want to put a unbranded Huawei Mobile Partner dashboard into the device. Don't try however, to put just any old dashboard on to your device!! It must match the device!! Unbranded dashboards for many Huawei modems can be found here: http://www.dc-unlocker.com/downloads/Huawei

If you need a Huawei E220, E/B960, E/B970 and E58xx or Novatel modem unlocking PM me...


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Jun 26, 2006
I understand what the code does and the implications, what I don't understand is how the code should be executed.
The code is easiest to run on a Linux box, which is why I posted it in the Linux sub-forum. All you would need to do is create a new text file, copy and paste the text from the code block in my first post, save the file as 'huawei-unlock.py', assign the execute permission to the text file, then run it.

The program then asks you for an IMEI number, verifies that it is valid (IMEI numbers, like credit card numbers, have a built-in checksum), then calculates the Unlock and Flash codes and prints them to the screen. The program does not interact with the modem in any way.

Go and grab yourself an Ubuntu Live CD and try it out!

You may also have to fix the spaces in the source code. Python is very pedantic about spacing and doesn't like tabs.
It runs fine copying and pasting from the post in this thread.