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Howto: Seagate firmware update using USB stick (Also Seatools)


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Oct 19, 2007
So after battling with this for hours, I want to preserve what I learned for the benefit of others.

Seagate harddisk firmware updates come in 2 flavours: Windows based and CDR images.

Don't use the Windows ones. They mess with the MBR so they can wreck you're OS install if something goes wrong. Or in my case it just gives a useless error message. So CDR version it is.

Use at own risk - This is not the official method. Data on the disk should remain intact, but make backups just in case.

1) Download the CDR ISO image for your firmware update. Links to find the right one:

( http://support.seagate.com/firmware/drive_config.html )
( https://apps1.seagate.com/downloads/request.html?userPreferredLocaleCookie=en_US_ )

The 2nd page listed above is a bit fussy about capital letters in the serial numbers etc, so it might require a few tries (You get a message in red if it fails). The tool linked to on the first page can theoretically take you to the correct download page too, but that didn't work for me so I typed in the codes manually on the 2nd page.

2) Use Winrar to extract the contents of the ISO file (7zip should also work). You're looking for a .ima file inside the ISO - there should only be one of them.

3) Rename the .ima to .img

4) Download this tool to write the .img to a USB flash disk. This will overwrite anything on the flash. Take care to overwrite the correct drive letter.


5) Reboot & go to your BIOS. Change AHCI to IDE

6) Boot off the flash & run the firmware update ... follow instructions in the update.

7) Set BIOS back to AHCI

8) Boot back into windows & use the tool from the 1st Seagate link (Step 1) to confirm that the firmware version is updated

9) Victory dance

....Exact same procedure for SeaTools, except you start with a different ISO and skip step 8.

Tried various other tricks like diskpart, unetbootin & batch file hacks - no joy.
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Oct 19, 2007
On a semi unrelated note, some of the new Seagate HDDs occasionally make a screeching noise. This is related to a power saving measure & is not a sign of a failing HDD. A firmware update apparently fixes it, but I've not been running the new firmware long enough to confirm this.

The 3TBs sold by Esquire are definitely one of those that make the noise. You can listen to it here:

Jan 6, 2011
The update applies to the following:

Model Number Part Number Capacity
ST3000DM001 9YN166 3TB
ST2500DM001 9YN16L 2.5TB
ST2000DM001 9YN164 2TB
ST1000DM003 9YN162 1TB

Previous versions of firmware with these models and part numbers are CC46, CC47, CC49, CC4C, or CC4G.


Expert Member
Apr 3, 2006
Brilliant thread, a MOD should sticky it.

Thanks for taking the time to make this :).

Also a thanks to South_Bit :p
Jan 15, 2014
Hello thanks for your tutorial
i don't want to revive a 2 years old trhead but... i need help :(

My HDD is a Barracuda ST2000DM001 9YN164 2TB native firm CC4B
i want update it to CC4H i download this for my S/N
i folow your tutorial, ok, but in the sreen boot when i try to press "D" and incoculate the FW i recive only a BIG FAT RED FAIL
i don't know what to do :(


Dank meme lord
Oct 31, 2007
So I got this ST2000DM001-9YN164 and when I format it all is fine and it writes at speeds well above 100mb/s but soon as I start copying data to it the drive bogs down with response times nearing 10 seconds. I checked the drive and it says Firmware Version Number CC4B, so not the latest CC4H one then. Anyone know if upgrading the firmware on this drive will fix the performance? It has no bad sectors and Reallocated Sectors Count = 0.