Huawei MateBook 13


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May 25, 2009

The Design
First off, this is a clean design. 14.9mm thin, 1.3kg, 13". This is the essence of a travel laptop. The massive keys for typing and huge touch pad make for a good overall usage experience. The one touch fingerprint scanner and power button in one supports Windows Hello, which allows for quick and easy login. No more typing passwords.

The only port you will find are 2x USB-C ports. Sadly, no thunderbolt. And yes, they included our friend, the headphone jack. No full-size USB ports, but that can be expected for this form factor.

The screen is the highlight though. 13" IPS touch screen @ 2160x1440, which makes viewing angles excellent. The 3:2 aspect ratio is great for browsing, and it is actually a bit refreshing when scrolling through websites, having more content on screen. Just keep in mind that you will most likely have black bars at the top and bottom of your screen when watching pretty much any videos.

This little package packs the latest Intel Whisky Lake i5 with 256GB storage, 8GB RAM, and an NVidia MX150 GPU. Easily handling everyday tasks, it won't shy on running your editing software, and will be good for some light gaming, too.

Huawei have included a better fan design than the older brother, the Matebook X Pro, although it still gets a bit hot under load. Better not leave it on your lap while editing or gaming. It gets quite toasty.

The 41.8 Wh (3670 mAh@11.4 V) battery might seem small compared to phone standards, but it gets the job done, and then some. 10-12 hours of use dependent of tasks being done, and with an excellent battery management system built in.
The 55W fast charger will give you 2.5 hours of usage in 15minutes of charge.

And then, probably the coolest feature I have used in a very long time, Huawei have included Huawei Share. If you have a Huawei device, you can easily tap and share pictures, videos and documents without attaching a cable. Just enable NFC, and tap your phone just right of the touchpad, and content gets magically beamed to the laptop. Really incredible to behold. Unfortunately, this feature is limited to Huawei devices.

Thanks to Huawei for sending me this device and letting me try and break it. Bottom line is, dynamite truly does come in small packages.

Fantastic battery life
Dat screen tho
Huawei share FTW

You can fry an egg on this thing when under load
No full-size USB

Geekbench 4