Iburst and dropped SSL connections


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Jan 21, 2006
I have had this problem intermittently over the last 8 months. Any site with SSL encryption either fails to load entirely or only partial content is loaded.

This does not affect any normal websites but I cannot facebook, gmail, google, youtube or even login to my internet banking most of the time. Firefox, chrome, IE, laptop, desktop, android - all do the same when connected to wi-fi.

It will suddenly come right for a couple of days (with no intervention) and go straight back to error state on IP change.

It also affects other encrypted services like SSH and SCP.

Iburst have swapped out modem, router, aerial. We've tried modem direct to laptop & desktop. - same results.

Speedtest.net fails to complete it's test to many local servers - it stops and times out after an hour at 0.0kbps.

At my wits end! Has anyone ever experienced this issue? They tell me I am the only one...


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Jun 26, 2006
Have you set the MTU on your router to 1392?