IFrame / Proxy Query


Senior Member
Mar 12, 2013
I'm struggling to figure something out, hoping someone here can help.

Ive got an Amazon VPS and there's an application running on it.
The 3rd party application is (basically) a webserver, I can access its content with http://localhost:4848 but only on the local pc.
It doesnt accept any connections from outside localhost.

I've got an apache server running in the mean time.
I tried to create a page that puts in an "iframe src=localhost" idea, so that the public webpage mirrors the localhost.
Unfortunately I realized the iframe=localhost means it refers to the visitors localhost, not the server.

I dont think its possible to open the port 4848 to allow external connections as I think the app would simply ignore
anything that hasnt come from

Is there any way that I can set it up that I can access the webserver from an outside connection?