iMessage reverse-engineered by 16-year-old hacker


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May 24, 2010
16-year-old reverse-engineers iMessage for Android app — Report

Universal chat app company Beeper has launched an Android app that can send and receive iMessage texts with full support for the iPhone app's features.

In a blog post detailing the release of "Beeper Mini" the company explained that the app did not require relaying messages through a cloud server like the original Beeper or Sunbird's app.
That's so cool.

Can Beeper then be set as the default messaging app on the Android phone? I wonder if it has all the iMessage features as well so in theory, iMessage + Beeper could replace WhatsApp?
A 16-year old ;-) It works well for me and I like that this implementation involves no virtual Macbook in the middle - it connects directly from the phone to Apple, and Apple is seeing the phone as an "iPhone 7".

But no it won't run as a default messenger as it does not do carier SMS. It does iMessage right now until Beeper adds mores services to it e.g. including RCS and Google Messages.

I suspect though that once RCS goes live inside Apple's Messages app, most will just use RCS from Android phones (even if it is a green bubble).
Do people actually use iMessage? Serious question. I have quite a number of friends, and they just Whatsapp.
It remains to be seen if Apple will take action against the development.
This is a given. Apple lawyers will be on it already.
Do people actually use iMessage? Serious question. I have quite a number of friends, and they just Whatsapp.
There are other issues in that your one app also contains your SMS - and with the spam etc today, it’s not nearly as easy as WhatApp to use.

I think locally, only the die hard fans will make use of it - but I really don’t know any of those in the real world. Everyone I know uses WhatApp
Segregation is not always bad, Android users not being able to send Imessages to iphone users is a good thing.
Segregation? I prefer to call it diversity. We Android users enjoy the freedom to choose while iPhone sheep are in their own world of Apple bliss.
Every Android phone I ever owned I had to root within the first week and load a custom minimal OS because I couldn't stand the extra unwanted crap that came preloaded with it - and that meant killing the (2 year?) warranty of week old R12k phone, nice.
Zero chance they will allow communication from a non iDevice. This will be patched soon.