iPhone 3G available in SA next week.


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Nov 22, 2010
You have to admit, Apple have a good thing going for them.

Who in their right mind would blog, podcast, predict, interview, investigate, gossip and guess about a cellphone and it’s release date?! Imagine if all we could talk about was the new Samsung Rugby? You would think that this was a President who had been taken hostage! Entire websites are devoted to the little block of wires, chips, metal and plastic. Actually, certain people have pursued a career in ‘all-things-iPhone’. Best of all, from Apple’s point of view, the iPhone has far outgrown any marketing teams imagination. Stats show that 2.3 million purchase requests are made for an iPhone every month. Making it the most sought after gadget in the world.

Which brings me to the imminent release of the iPhone 3G on South African shores: Every prediction so far has turned out wrong.

We went from September 2007…

- Cellucity had posted on their website that they would be the sole distributors in SA [NOT] -
to July 08…

- Did you really think we would stand shoulder to shoulder with the 1st world countries? -
to August 22nd…
- ummm….no -

to September 28th…
- there’s an article and an entire page devoted to this single date in the forum section –
September 28th?

- releasing a product on a Sunday?? –

There has also been plenty of the usual ‘I know people who know people’ or the guy who says he works for Vodacom and although he is sworn to secrecy he leaks the date – and then give his full name! All this hype and Vodacom and Apple are loving it. So yes, next week is just a guess…everyone else is doing it why cant I?

Besides. If you listened to the podcast you would know that I know people who know people.