iPhone 3G Data Usage


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Oct 28, 2009
Have a question for the iPhone guys...

Is the included 250 mb enough for you guys over the course of a month?

I find it difficult to stay within the 500 mb allowed on my company 3G card and that excludes downloading mail via 3G.

Currently have a blackberry storm with an upgrade pending. It just seems like the total cost of ownership in terms of the iPhone is perhaps not worth it?


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May 25, 2009
The hidden benefit of BlackBerry is the compression technology they employ to get the data to you which the phone cpu then decompresses the data on arrival.

Compressed data = smaller usage.

I see a similar pattern to the iPhone on my Nokia 5800 and have switched to using the Opera and even Bolt Browsers which do use their own compression technologies.

You will then have to start monitoring usage with Data Bundles which is not an issue with the BlackBerry system.

This was one of the reasons I decided to get on the BlackBerry bandwagon :D

Erm, of course it helps if your Service Provider also plays ball on its BIS provision :rolleyes:


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Jul 5, 2007
I use my iphone alot, constantly checking mail, using the web, instant messengers etc.

Provided your not using youtube and not downloading applications, your usage will be around 50mb a week. We think we use our phones all the time but honestly, if your working, you really only use it for about an hour or so total during the day.

Use your work of home wifi to download apps.

Other ways to keep data use down:
Jailbreak the phone and get an app called imasafari from cydia, it disables images in the web browser which really speeds up browing and cuts data use. (great for news sites and forums where you dont need pictures)
Just turn it off when you want to see images again.
Also get an app from the appstore called fastwebfree;
Its a free mini web browser that uses google's page compression tech to cut down on bandwidth usage.
works really well.

I'd say 250mb is more than enough if you a little careful.

The blackberry service is really awesome, but the web browsing experience doesnt come close to the iphone..