ISPA launches Fellowship Programme

Jamie McKane

MyBroadband Journalist
Mar 2, 2016
ISPA launches Fellowship Programme

The Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) announced that it has introduced a Fellowship Programme with the aim of improving South Africa’s ICT skills base.

ISPA chair André van der Walt said that emigrating industry professionals and the current ICT skills gap in South Africa threaten the country’s participation in the fourth industrial revolution.


Honorary Master
Jun 5, 2014
Would love to see Paul Hjul get more exposure in this space - he does so much good in the shadows that never get picks up by the "media".

Here is a thought, next time you run an article about some "complex" topic(s) in the ICT sector maybe just pop him an e-mail and ask him to break it down - it will add a lot of concrete information to the articles and it's good SEO juice for MyBB. So feuds aside it's a win-win - the consumer (us) get top-notch information, you (MyBB) get a stunning reputation (one which is lacking in the professional space) and lastly, the industry gets held accountable.

@rpm come to think about it, if you want to run an article which is a big developing story it would be worth looking into the recent screw up which was the ZADNA AGM. The previous attempt at a meeting was thwarted as the auditors and accountants had failed to have the AFS ready at the previous meeting.