IT Support Engineer


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Nov 21, 2019
We are expanding and looking for a suitable candidate to join our team. You will be required to have a minimum of 2-year experience with the following;
  • TCP/IP Networking both LAN & basic WAN
  • Setup of ADSL & Fibre Routers
  • Basic Firewall understanding and knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of Email protocols such as POP/IMAP/Exchange
  • Understanding of Office 365 and how to add/manage clients
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Windows Server SBS2007/SBS2010/2008/2012/2012R2/2016/2019
  • Basic Understanding of Active Directory/DHCP/DNS/Domains
  • Ability to work both alone & in a team
  • Ability to work on a helpdesk with logging of all support tickets
  • Ability to diagnose & troubleshoot IT problems
You will also need to have previously completed an A+ & N+ course.
The selected applicant will be working both in the office & visiting clients, so a valid drivers licence is required. Additionally, you will need to be well spoken & presented as it is a client facing position.

Salary between 7500-9500 depending on experience and knowledge. To be reviewed after 3 months.


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Mar 6, 2018
that salary seems to be a bit on the low side based on the requirements of candidates... If You have those requirements, you can find a job (in JHB or CPT) that pays at least 5K more.