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Jan 5, 2009
Jasco has been a leading player in high technology businesses since 1976. This year is the group’s 30th anniversary and its 19th year as a listed company.

Jasco’s business model ensures a diversified portfolio of three businesses operating in the growth sectors of Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Security. In addition, as a further means of diversification, the group balances its income stream between local and international currencies.


The Telecommunications division focuses on the provision of specialised solutions, products and services to telecommunications networks. A number of products, designed and manufactured in-house, are combined with a range of products sourced on an exclusive basis from leading overseas suppliers. This division consists of three businesses, namely Webb Industries, which has been in operation for over 30 years, and the more recently established and acquired Telesciences and Tasslelane operations.

Webb Industries is one the leading and largest suppliers of ancillary telecommunication equipment in Southern Africa. Its products include large steel constructed masts and towers, cables, antennas and connectors. Apart from the design, manufacture and supply of the products that are used locally, throughout Africa and exported to Europe and the USA, the company also erects & maintains a number of communication hi sites throughout South Africa.

These products are supplemented by the 3M range of telecommunications products such as splitter boxes, connectors and joint closures, supplied by our Tasslelane division. Our Telesciences division offers specialised software solutions to the large telecommunications operators. This involves managing their billing systems, testing their networks and allowing for interaction between various platforms.


This division trades under the name Special Cables and has been in existence for more than 20 years. Special Cables has three focus areas: domestic appliances, automotive and leisure. In the domestic appliances division it manufactures components for large domestic appliances, such as fridges and stoves. It has established alliances with Defy, Whirlpool and other large organisations. In the automotive section, it assembles electrical components for locally manufactured vehicles. In the leisure division, it manufacturers its own environmentally friendly saltwater pool chlorinator, Just-Chlor®, and other complimentary pool products. These products are distributed into the local and export markets.


The security division consists of two independent businesses. The Multivid business unit remains a systems integrator and focuses on the design and implementation of custom made value add security services and the subsequent maintenance and service of these systems. Aerocom, an exclusive agency agreement for Southern Africa with a world leading German security product supplier, is now incorporated in the Multivid business unit. This product. a pneumatic tube system, increases the security product range.

Scaffell acts as a security and related product house. Scaffell not only researches and develops new products, but also manufactures and assembles its own products. This range of manufactured products is further enhanced by a number of leading products from international companies where Jasco acts as agents.