Jeep Warrior Race 2016


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Jun 4, 2007
Not sure how many of you here have heard of / participated in this race series. Essentially it is an obstacle course race done over 5 / 10 / 15km - you choose which one you would like to enter. Sponsored by Jeep and a number of other companies. It is similar to the Impi challenge and is lots of fun.

Video of the first race of the year >> [video=youtube;Bf8Pk9NFGYc][/video]

Did the first one in Pretoria a month ago and on the weekend completed my second one in Vanderbijlpark. The first one i did was a Rookie (5km) and the most recent i did the Commando (10km). Safe to say I am hooked and looking to complete all 8 races this year with at least one Black Ops (15km) event.

Its an awesome idea as a team building or a day out with mates...more info at these sites if peeps are keen: