KT - Korea Telecom Corporation


Aug 29, 2012
KT is a prominent South Korean integrated wired/wireless telecommunication service provider. KT has an information & communications business, and has the largest portion of the South Korean local telephone and high-speed Internet business.

Originally founded in 1981 as a public corporation, KT actively led Korea’s transition to the information era and played a key role in promoting the growth of Korea into a globally recognized IT superpower. In 2009, KT merged with its mobile subsidiary KTF, paving the way to the convergence of fixed and mobile services.

KT seeks to provide its customers with advanced wired and wireless services via ubiquitous digital devices. Existing as a telecom operator under Korea’s Telecommunications Business Act, KT is subject to the monopoly regulations and Fair Trade Act, and thus, cannot in any way misuse the authority it holds as the dominant player in the Korean telecommunications market. The company has a well-distributed shareholder structure under which the National Pension Service(NPS) is the largest shareholder(8.26%), but NPS holds no managerial rights over the company. Under the current shareholder structure, no controlling shareholder exists.

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