Laptop hinge broke


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Oct 12, 2012
So just last night, I pick up my personal laptop, open up the lid, power it on, closed the lid about half way, went off to make a cup of tea, returned, as I opened up the lid again, all I heard (and I wish I could replicate the sound on text) was cracking and a nice snap. I almost fainted at the sight of my new look laptop. The left side hinge has broken off the lid and the screen is hanging there like a monkey starring at Chinese tourists.

Sorry for being so dramatic. It's an 2012 HP DV7 laptop, 3rd gen i7 I think, have invested in this baby.

Anyone know where I can get it repaired without paying trillions?

Thank you for your help in advance.


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Feb 1, 2011
my deepest sympathies out to you.
i know the feeling i have a 4th gen dv7. depends on whats broken, the arm or the bezel. cheapest way is to import the parts off ebay and get your local computer guy to fix it. another way is to buy some ones scrapped dv7 of gumtree for example and use teh spares off there.