Latest Chrome beta hints at Android L being version 4.5


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Jun 12, 2007
Ever since Google announced Android L at Google I/O last month, speculations ran wild as to not only what L will end up being called (Lollipop seems to be the fan favorite), but also what version number it will sport. The latest Chrome beta 37 release reveals a Android 4.4.99; Build/LPV79, which indicates that the next build of Android will be Android 4.5, rather than 5.0.


Version 5.0 has many proponents, as that will result in a larger amount of changes than what a smaller incremental update will bring. Google has already rolled out numerous updates to its Play services, Maps, and Gmail, among others, so we've yet to see what else the eventual 4.5 update will bring.
Expect Android L - likely under the version 4.5 build number - to arrive this fall. Meanwhile, check out the Google Chrome beta 37 release right here.